Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alabama State Fair

Brandon and I decided to take the kids to the State Fair yesterday to see if it was going to be good or not. We had a great time. We started off by just walking around and taking it all in. Just to be honest with you, not much had changed since I was little. Yes, it was a different place, but the same rides and the same smells. We started off by letting the kids ride in the back of Predator...for those of you not Monster Jam savvy, it is a monster truck that competes in the competitions. They have it set up with 8 seats in the back so that people can ride. Braden loves monster trucks...he was pumped. The whole time he told Brandon, "Oh my gosh it goes so fast!". Then we got some tickets and let the kids ride a few rides. We then let Lexie do the Bungie Bounce which she thought was awesome. She was trying to bounce high enough to do a back-tuck, but didn't weigh enough to bounce that hard. Then we left and watched the motorcycle stunt show from the parking lot. After an tiring afternoon at the fair we had supper at Chick-Fil-A and headed home. Then we watched a very exciting BAMA game. Bama defeated Georgia...ROLL TIDE!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

HHS Homecoming Parade

Yesterday was Homecoming for HHS. They always have a parade that the elementary school gets to go watch. It includes the Homecoming Court, Cheerleaders and Football Players, the Band and the Seniors. The students love being able to go out and watch. This year we had several people to watch for...KatiePo was in Homecoming Court and a Senior, Jessica and Lauren cheering, the football team of course and a ton of Seniors. I let Lexie wear her cheerleading uniform to school that day. She thought that she was the stuff!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes, that is a black eye you see...

Wednesday night I was getting the kids ready for bed, which means Lexie is in the shower or getting out and Braden is getting put in my bathtub. Well, the kids were having on of those evenings where they were being told a million times to do something before they would. So, Lexie gets out of the shower and instead of getting her p.j.'s on, she decides to lean over the tub to talk to Braden. I had other plans for her at that moment. I swoop in for the kill (the spanking). As I bend down to pop her, she raises up at the same moment and CRASH! I'm seeing stars and tears are flowing freely. Lexie is crying and grabbing her head. She hit me right on the bone under my eye socket. Needless to say, I have black eye. Yes, I said black eye. It's amazing how much damage a small child can do.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eatin some homegrown watermelon

We finally were able to enjoy the "fruits" of Lexie's labor. The watermelon had a wonderful flavor, however we let it get a little too ripe. Hopefully the 3 that are left will be just right.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another funny....

I'm in the study, on Sunday, on the computer working and Brandon is in the livingroom watching the race the few minutes before he had to go to football. Well, Lexie and Braden are in the kitchen drawing and drinking some Coke (and I really mean Coke, I'm not being southern). Lexie comes to show me her detailed drawing of her outfit that she wore to church that morning. I was shocked it was very good. We might have a fashion designer in our future. Watch out Project we come. Anyway, back to my story, we (Lexie and I) are looking at her picture and we here, "It's tuck, it's tuck! I tan't get it out!" Which translated from toddlerese is It is stuck and I can't get it out. We go running into the kitchen and Braden is standing at the fridge trying to get the Coke bottle out of the water dispenser. He somehow has wedged it to fit and now the water is running out of the bottle and flowing over the fridge like Niagra Falls. No joke. The water is pooling in the floor. Okay that should add to the resale of the house, newly added pond or swimming area in the kitchen. At this point, Braden is totally freaked out. He is crying uncontrollably. I get the bottle unstuck and throw it in the sink, literally throw it across the kitchen. I get a beach towel and to clean it up, which ended up being soaked. Brandon had to send Braden to his room to get him to calm down. What an afternoon. Leave it to Beaver!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Officially the thoughts of a man

Well, most of you are probably wondering what on Earth I could mean by the title. Just let me tell you. This past weekend has been filled with little sleep for me the mom! Saturday morning, Brandon accidentally set off the alarm to the house and you can guess what happened. The whole house (along with the whole neighborhood) was rudely awakened. Since the kids and myself were awake, I decided to go ahead and start cleaning. I threw some laundry in the washer and dryer and let Lexie walk to a next-door to look at baby clothes, for her babies, at a yard sale. When we go back I start changing the laundry over. Braden walks into the laundryroom holding his "tullie" (our word for his unmentionable parts). He then proceeds to tell me: "I'm holdin my tuwwie." So, me being intrigued asked, "Why?" I'm an then blind-sided with one of the funniest comments I've ever heard. (The weak at heart maybe shouldn't read this) " 'Cause it's a beast." I respond with, "What did you say?" Braden replies with I said, "It's a b-ee-st (sounding it out), mom." I lost it. How do you respond to a comment like this? It's a beast? Are you kidding me? Really, he is like the typical man. It apparently is big enough to be a beast. So, now he has called it a beast several times this weekend. I guess I won't have to worry about his confidence when he is older.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Brennen's 3rd Birthday

Sunday afternoon we made our way to Brennen's birthday party that was at Tannehill State Park. He was having a Thomas party and wanted everyone to be able to ride the train. We got there a little late because I just had to run into Target. When we rode the train, Braden wouldn't sit by me either time. He had to sit by Brennen. Lexie sat with Annaleise in the front of the train. On the way over to the blacksmith area, we saw 4 deer (there is a pic in the collage). We stayed over for a while waiting on the deer to come feed and that never happened. Braden wanted to know why we were being quiet and what were we waiting for. I told him the deer and he said that we had already seen them. We then got back on the train to head to the campground and saw 5 more deer. Braden and Lexie were fired up. The kids enjoyed the train and the cake.

AnnaLee's Birthday

Saturday we went to AnnaLee's birthday party. AnnaLee is Kristen's grand-daughter, who Braden stays with everyday. She turned 2 and had a Dora party. The kids played outside and blew bubbles. They had a great time even though it was extremely hot. Happy 2nd Birthday AnnaLee!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sharing something funny

Ok, so I have a funny story to share. Saturday night, the fam went out to eat in Bessemer. We then had to go to Wal-Mart so that I could exchange my cellphone and pick-up a few items. Well, we got our few things and then waited in line. As we were waiting the kids were looking at those impulse buys right beside the cashier and I was about to blow-up because they wouldn't leave anything alone. All of the sudden, I look up and Braden has on a Halloween mask and he's just dancing away. On closer look, it was a mask of Obama (hence the picture of the mask). After he took off the mask, he said "Moma dat was a cary (scary) man mask." I replied to him that he didn't know how scary he was. I thought that was funny and that I would share. I would have given anything if I would have snapped a picture.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm sick...

I finally broke down and went to the doctor this morning. Yes, the doctor on a Saturday, how much fun can one person have. I couldn't take it anymore. I've been fighting "the crud" for 2 weeks now and just can't shake it. Yesterday before the ballgame, my right ear really started to hurt. I even told mom that I thought I might have an ear infection, in a joking matter. By the time I got home from the game, my ear and throat were hurting so bad I couldn't stand it. So, I went to a clinic this morning. And my self-diagnosis was right, I have an ear infection and a sinus infection to boot. I felt like asking to dr.: Are you kidding me? I'm 30 and not supposed to have ear infections, those are for my children that I take care of. So, needless to say I left the clinic with a shot in my rump, a bag full of sinus medicine and a prescription for an antibiotic. Wow, could my Saturday be more exciting!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

When your family teams up on you.....

Brandon and I start this war. We were throwing some of Braden's toys at each other and Braden starts building a fort around Brandon to "tect" him. Thanks son, I birth you and you come to your daddy's defense. I think that it ended in a draw, but in the end I won, because Brandon and Braden cleaned the livingroom.