Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Sexy Beast"

Okay, about 2 weeks ago, here is the conversation...
Mom: "You need to go without you shirt when you play outside at Kristen's."
Braden: "Why?" (the most popular toddler question ever)
Mom: "Because you arms are so dark and your belly is glowing white."
Braden: "I taint" (I can't)
Mom: "Yes you can, and Kristen might call you a sexy beast if you do."
Braden: "Ha, no."
That was the end of the discussion or so I thought. About 5 days later, I was changing clothes and was down to the undergarments when Braden walked into the bedroom. That is when he proceeded to say: "Look at dat sessy(sexy) beast!" Well, it only gets worse. I let a young friend of ours come use the tanning bed before her senior banquet last week. Katie is getting out of the tanning bed and he tells her: "Dat's a sessy beast right derw(there)!" Are you kidding me? One little slip of a slighty funny saying and he uses it. In the right context! God bless me, I'm going to have my hands full!
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Very Late Birthday post

For Braden's 4th Birthday we had a monster truck party. His cake was awesome...thanks to Valeria! He got some great gifts and we had a wonderful time!
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This is our little snaggle-tooth girl. If you look closely, it won't be long before the other tooth comes out.
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Some crazy sleeping...

Here is my crazy sleeper. He had been at Kristen's all day and was so tired that he couldn't climb all the way on the couch. He just crashed trying to get there.

Just some updates

Well, I noticed that it had been awhile since I last blogged. So here are a few things that have happened (will post pics later). Braden apparently can fall asleep in any position. He literally fell asleep trying to get on the couch. Lexie lost one of her front teeth, so Brandon is constantly calling her snaggle. Braden has also picked up on a little phrase that I joked around with him about. Stayed tuned for the "sexy beast" story. Braden also wrecked his Razor Scooter last week. If you don't have kids that's the 2-wheel scooter that you see kids riding. Needless to say we had our first bloody nose. Not fun! Sorry it's been so long, I promise to try to do better.