Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paci Fairy Present

We got our present from the fairy...a new Thomas train. It was actually Diesel 10 for his train set.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Say bye-bye to the Pacifier!

Okay, so I know that Braden should have gotten rid of his "papa" a long time ago. But, life got in the way and it hadn't happened yet. And to be honest...I dreaded it. He was so attached to that thing. It was unreal.

So, Wednesday night after I got home from church I decided that the time was right. I took it away and rocked him to sleep. I was sorta shocked. It didn't go as bad as I thought. Oh, but the surprise was the next morning when he went into a screaming fit. We talked and he was okay until bedtime.

That is when I remembered what a precious friend (Stephanie Allen) told me what she did with her little girl. She sent her pacies to the Paci Fairy with balloons and the P. Fairy left her a gift overnight (worth a shot, right?). We talked and I told him the story of the Fairy and he was all aboard. Until he was really sleepy....present or not he wanted the pacifier. But we dozed off and he woke up this morning ready to go get his balloons. We let that sucker go and he even waved bye. He only looked like he was rethinking the whole move only once. But that went when he asked me when he would get his new Thomas the Train.

NO MORE PAPA!!!!! Now stayed tuned for life as a "big boy".

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Wacky Wednesdays

Now that Lexie has completed Kindergarten and finished VBS, she is officially in the children's dept. at CRBC. She is thrilled. We attended our first Word-Up (children's class on Wednesday nights). The theme was 50's night. So, we broke out the peddle pushers, scarfs and horn-rimmed glasses. It was really cute. We had fun...we learned about the M&M prayer.
Just in case you were curious. The next time you open a bag of M&M's, pray for these things when you pull out each color:
Brown (the most in color): Pray for the lost people.
Yellow (light): Pray that God's light would shine through you.
Blue (new): Pray for all the new Christians.
Red (blood): Pray that we remember Jesus' blood making everything possible.
Green (growth): Pray that we can sow the seed of Jesus
Orange (fruit): Pray that we reap the harvest that we sowed.
When we got home, Braden decided that he wanted to be involved in the 50's night and wore Lexie's glasses.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Outrigger Luau

We had our finale to Vacation Bible School tonight. It was a luau, and we had fun. Tons of people came. We ate grilled meat, and lots of fruit. Then the kids got up and signed the songs that they learned.

VBS-Outrigger Island

We had our Vacation Bible School-Outrigger Island-this past week. The kids had a blast. (We also attended VBS at Fellowship West with Lexie's best friend Annaleise). Lexie had gotten saved back in February, so she talked to our associate pastor about getting "babatized" (baptized). We also had tacky tourist night and the kids fully participated. Lexie LOVED it, she thought it was hilarious.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Well, Happy Father's Day to all those Daddies out there. We had a pretty good Father's Day. We go Brandon's Bow re-strung and got some other work done on it that needed to be done. After 10 years, I think a tune up is necessary. We went to church and then met the Northcutt's at Habeneros for lunch. Then we quickly came by the house to change and headed to Oak Grove to see my dad. It was a relaxing day. I hope Brandon enjoyed it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Watchin some Thomas

This is what we do when it's naptime. Braden gets his papa, fuzzy blanket and we turn on Thomas the Tank Engine.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wishin for Watermelons...

Saturday, Lexie and Braden stayed with Gindin and Susan for a little while. They came home with watermelon from Gindin's house. Lexie ate one piece and carefully picked out every seed. I thought that she was doing this to keep from eating one. Then she got up to get a sandwich bag. I asked what was she doing. She informed me that she didn't want to loose one...a seed. She was going to plant them the next day. So, she begged Brandon and after getting her room cleaned, he took her outside to plant her watermelons. Now, I just have to convince her that the plants are not going to pop-up immediately.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A few forgotten pics

Well....this speaks for itself (haha).

Me and my babies...the first is pretty good and the second is Braden in mid-laugh.

This was at The Original Oyster House in G.S. I thought it was quite funny!

Great color pics from the beach...

Black and White pics from the beach

Fun at the beach...

We went to Gulf Shores, AL last week and had a blast. We went with Pop-Pop, Nana and Uncle Dustin. The kids loved the beach, but enjoyed the pool just as much. Uncle Dustin bought both the kids floats and they loved them. Lexie and Braden both love seafood as well. We loved being down there and hated to go.

We played putt-putt golf at Zooland Putt-Putt. We had fun...Brandon was the official golf helper, I was the photographer, Nana watched. Pop, Uncle Dustin, Lexie and Braden played the game. We don't know exactly who won (the course wasn't the best in the world) but Lexie did get 2 hole-in-ones.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

All Shook Up & Going to the recital

Lexie's dance recital was May 24, 2008 with TeriDona Dance Studio.

All Shook Up (tap)

My little "bride" Going to the Chapel

Awards Ceremony...3 Years

Once we were home with her medal

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