Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I seen this over at Khori's blog and thought it was cool. If you have time, check her blog my opinion she is an amazing woman.

I live: in a small Alabama town.

I work: at an elementary school.

I smell: my perfume that I put on early this morning.

I listen: any music.

I hide: things and then can't find them.

I walk: from the time that I get up until bed.

I write: the kids names on all there stuff.

I see: clearly now the rain is gone...hehe.

I sing: everywhere.

I can: cross one eye-yes I know freaky.

I watch: way too much reality tv.

I daydream: rarely.

I want: be old and gray with Brandon still at my side, see my children graduate and have families of their own.

I cry: over the slightest things.

I read: for the fun of it.

I love: with every fiber of my being.

I rode: horses as a child and miss it.

I sometimes: forget where I put things...see hide.

I fear: being alone.

I hope: for... .

I eat: when I'm bored.

I drink: Diet Dr. Pepper.

I play: Monster Trucks with Braden and Lexie's DS.

I miss: Ellen (Brandon's mom), I wish she was here to enjoy her grand babies.

I forgive: only when necessary.

I drive: a Pilot--love that thing.

I lost: the ability to remember anything.

I dream: in color.

I kiss: whenever I can, Brandon lots and the kids when they will let me.

I hug: everybody, what can I say, I'm a hugger.

I have: been blessed.

I remember: kissing on the front-porch in high school, getting engaged, the most perfect wedding and every moment of the birth of my kids.

I don't: enjoy the laundry.

I believe: God can do the impossible.

I owe: Him my life.

I know: that life is sometimes a roller coaster.

I hate: how fast my children are growing.

I wish: I had a Canon 50D and a photography business.

I wear: sweatpants to bed.

My ex: is so far in the past that I don't remember.

Maybe I should: go back to school.

I don't understand: the ways of this world.

Life is full of: surprises.

My past is: behind me.

I get annoyed when: we get behind the bus in the mornings.

Parties are: fun to plan--the bigger the better.

Tomorrow: holds opportunity.

Never in my life have I: smoked.

When I was younger, I: believed in the tooth fairy and thought anything was possible.

When I'm nervous: I feel nauseated and I talk alot.

When I was 5: I love riding my bike and being outside.

My life is not complete without: Brandon.

If you visit my hometown: you have to eat at Gus's HotDogs and catch a football game-you'll see me there.

The world could do without: all this debt.

If I ever go back to school: I'll get my Master's in Education or go to Photography Classes.

And, by the way: you should do this too. I would love to read it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by my friend Jana. So here it is...

Braden was getting cleaned up after just being born. If you look real close, he still looks "cheesy". It was such an easy delivery. Brandon was able to get this extreme close-up.
I tag Leslie, Natalie, Nichole Carr & Jennifer Foster.

Poo-Poo Book

Braden came to me the other day saying that he needed to poop. I said ok, what is in your hand? My poo-poo book. Then he proceeds to tell me that he can't poop without it. Where does this kid come up with this stuff?
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New Shower

So the shower is finished and I'm lovin it!!!
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funny conversations

The other day Lexie was in the livingroom. She bent down and her knee popped. Lexie: Did you hear that? It was my knee.
Mom: Yes sometimes that happens.
Lexie: Yeah, when your old.
I didn't find that part too amusing.

Tuesday night Braden got in trouble for having a horrible attitude.
Brandon: Go tell mom your sorry, now.
Braden: I'm sowwy.
Brandon: Sorry for what?
Braden: For bein a little butt-hole.

Today as Braden is pooping on the potty, he makes a discovery.
Braden: Mom, look there is a clock on the floor.
Mom: No buddy, that's a scale.
Braden: Oh, that tells you how old your feet is.
Mom: (as I snicker) No it tells you how much you weigh.
Braden: Yeah, that's what I said.


Thursday we realized that the shower in the master bath was leaking for the 5th time in 4 years. Talk about frustrating. So Saturday, out everything comes. And this is the loveliness that we now get to look at. Do you know how difficult it is to go from a 4x4 shower to a tub and shower unit? There is no room and everytime that you move that dreaded curtain sticks to you like plaster. And do I need to mention the fact that I get indirect light in there or that I can't take my usual 15 minute scalding hot shower? Why you ask? The steam builds up and actually makes water run down the walls...not good for the paint. I'm just so ready for this to be over!!!
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

December Good Citizen

On Tuesday January 13th Lexie was awarded the Good Citizen Award for the month of December. Brandon and I are so proud of her.
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Baskets for Books

Saturday after all the birthday festivities were over went went to the UAB Girls Basketball game. HES was competing for money to buy new books. We did pretty good. We won the spirit award and the writing contest...we will find out later if we won the shoot-off.
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Monster Jam

While Lexie, Annaleise, Tammy and I were at the Galleria...Brandon took Braden to the Monster Jam at the BJCC. He was in utter amazement. All he could talk about was Grave Digger, once he got home.

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Lexie got lots of good presents...clothes, a DS game and the best was her personalized apron from Allison.

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Lexie's Birthday Party

We had Lexie's very small party on Jan. 10. We decided to do family and Annaleise this year. We did cake, presents and went to Build-A-Bear.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Lexie's Birthday @ Sumo's

Lexie decided that she wanted to eat at the place that cooks in front of you (meaning Japanese). So the family went to Sumo's. Hamaker's and Northcutt's.


I finally got the Circle of Love pendant that I've been asking for, only 4 years later. I'm just kidding, wow, it was worth the wait.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Mother of ALL Posts!

Sorry I've been such a blogging slacker. I'm now somewhat caught up. I have to go back and get pictures from the Northcutt Christmas. I didn't realize that I had overlooked them. And on top of that, I have to blog Lexie's birthday dinner to Sumo's. Hopefully, I'll catch up tonight.

Santa, Nana & Pop and GiGi and The Northcutt

Just a snippet from ALL Christmas! The top is the Northcutt Christmas, middle is Christmas morning with Santa Christmas and the bottom is the Hamaker Christmas. (Traci I broke up all the pics just for you.)

Our Christmas Jammies

We always get Christmas jammies to wear Christmas eve. This year I was so happy to find my plaid jammies without paying $40 per set. They were so cute!

Children's Christmas Program @ CRBC

Lexie and Braden both had programs the Sunday before Christmas. Lexie's group did sign and Braden was a sheperd for preschool.

McWane Center on Iron Bowl Saturday?

Yes, that's right. I know that this is sooo far overdue, but here it is. On Iron Bowl Saturday Marette, the kids and myself took off to the McWane Center. We wanted to take them because they were doing the model train exhibit and were playing the Polar Express...which is Braden's favorite movie. Had a wonderful time!!!