Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm watching FoxNew Report. Braden is watching it with me, when a segment comes on about the snow in the Atlantic states.
Braden: Mom.
Me: Yeah.
Braden: Yesterday Mrs. Ginny said it was snowing in Florida.
Me: And.
Braden: They aren't sharing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is what I came home to today.

Braden's class was talking about the circus today. And everyone in the class was magically transformed into a clown. It was great until we started washing it off and the red didn't want to come off of his nose. Then I couldn't tell if his nose was red from the paint left on there or because I had scrubbed so hard to get it off. I think he'll be okay. He did keep asking why his nose was still red (2 hours later). Whoops!!!

First Accident at School

When Braden woke up from his nap Monday, he wasn't quite ready to get up. He plopped his head back down and hit his head on the table leg. This is the conversation they had.
Braden: What are you writing?
Teacher: I'm telling your mom what happened to your eye.
Braden: You don't have to...she's gonna see it.
Kids are so funny.

Look who's riding with no training wheels

Braden actually started riding his bike without training wheels right before Christmas. I just downloaded the video.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dustin Deploys

Ok, so it's official...Dustin has deployed overseas. He is stationed to the USS Nassau and we really don't know where he will go. I think that he will not be stationed in any particular place. We know a few places that he has been told that they will go, but it's not definite. He left today @ 10:30. He told my dad that he was standing on the beach in Virginia waiting on the hovercraft to come and pick them up. Then they go to the ship...the hovercraft pulls into the ship. I thought that sounded pretty cool.
So, if you have a spare moment say a prayer for him and us as well. Thanks with love!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lexie and Braden's Conversation

Braden puts on one of his many Silly Bandz, he picks the elephant. (If you are unfamiliar with these...they are little rubber bracelets that are in the shape of anything imaginable.)

Lexie: Braden you know that elephant is extinct.

Braden puts the bracelet up to his nose and sniffs.
Braden: It does not stink.

Lexie: That's not what I meant...nevermind.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 I did go back a little...

I know that I promised that I wouldn't go back into 2009, but I couldn't resist. I was going thru pics and came across these. Most people couldn't guess what Lexie and Braden were for Halloween. Ok, look at them together and tell me what you think....

Ok, guess.....

Little Miss Muffett and the Spider that scared her away.

Pretty good?!? Well they enjoyed it. And I thought is was precious. It was also a blessing that their costumes only cost me $6.50 this year.

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At the Hop!!!

Lexie's 8th birthday party was a sock hop. We had the best time. A few people came...the frigid temps and having it at the house kept us from inviting a ton of people. The kids loved the details that were put into the party...record centerpieces (made by me of course), french fries, floats (Coke, RootBeer & Grapico) and cake of course. They learned the hand jive and had a blast doing "The Twist". She got some great gifts and had a great time. Valeria did a great job (again of course) on the cake.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

My only resolution is to be a better blogger again in 2010. I am starting a fresh start. As I posted before, we were sick for Christmas so there weren't many pics. So, what I've decided is to have a fresh start from this point.

Last Monday (the 4th) Lexie turned 8. I can't believe it...where has the time gone. So, we celebrated with Nana, Pop and Uncle Dustin Sunday before he left. We had chili at the house and the kids played the Wii so that he could watch. Then on Friday night we had her party...I'll post pics this evening I promise. Scouts honor...pinky promise...I swear. Basically whatever works for you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've turned into the worst blogger.

I've made a resolution...try to be a better blogger. I need to upload pics from Christmas, but there are so few of them. The kids were sick with the stomach but Dec. 22nd. So do the math, 72 hours later...I got sick at 12:30 Christmas morning and Brandon was about 8 hours later. The kids got their gifts and I took about 3 pics. Then later that evening I took a few more. I do have a few pics from Dustin being here. He left this morning and I hate to see him go. Say a special prayer...he will be back in LeJune, NC until the 18th then he deploys.