Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mrs. Ginny

Mrs. Ginny was Braden's K-4 teacher this year. We will miss her and the other teachers (Mrs. Tonya and Mrs. Lisa) in her room greatly next year. They were awesome teachers.
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K-4 Graduation's official, my baby boy is ready for real kindergarten. It saddens me that he's not a baby anymore, but I can enjoy him learning and becoming more independent.
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Overall Good Citizen

Lexie earned Overall Good Citizen this year. We were so proud of her.
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Shootin Hoops

Braden got very obsessed with basketball after riding to school with Marcy. Her son Ethan plays basketball and Braden would go out with him every afternoon and shoot hoops. That's when we decided to get a goal. We got a goal from Mr. Bobby and the kids love it!!! Thanks Mr. Bobby for the Sunkist basketball goal.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Braden-ism #2

Conversation on the night of June 2nd
Mom: Braden go get your p.j.'s so we can get ready for a bath.
Braden: I'm too tired, I don't want a bath.
Mom: I understand, but you need to wash your might be dirty.
Braden: Mom, I don't need to take a bath tonight, it's SUMMER, it can wait until morning.


Hope you enjoyed the second installment of Braden-isms.